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Pornstars Like It Big presents: Big titted hot pornstar Gianna Michaels getting pounded hard by Chris Charming

Scene Title: Booty Call

Storyline: Gianna is a sexy bitch that means business! When she says, "I want a BIG DICK", she gets it! Even if that means driving through the rain and dropping in unexpected on our boy Chris Charming, who just happens to have a great big dick!. Sit back and watch Gianna suckin on a huge 12" cock and get her pink hole totally ruined!

Pornstar: Gianna Michaels

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What people are saying about: Gianna Michaels - Booty Call pornstarslikeitbig scene

Comment #1

Gianna Loves the Big Cocks and I love the way she takes it all ways!!! Love her great big Boobs and her excitment in taking it all!!! COme on those tits and Facials, Love it!!!

Comment #2

One of the best of the new generation of porn stars. Gianna is flawless. I love her enthusiasm when handling cock.

Comment #3

I do not know how Chris Charming was able to pull out that 1st time. If it was me I would of had to cum in her. Brazzers would have to change the site to because that's how it would have been. Gianna is smokin'.

Comment #4

Damn, she is actually enjoying herself :D!

Comment #5

she's so fuckin fuck and just to listen to.fuck.

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